About Us

Our business concept

MBV Systems is a supplier of camera-based measurement systems for advanced measurement solutions in demanding environments for the process and manufacturing industries.

Market and customers

Our measurement applications are used in the mining, mineral and metal industries, as well as in the food industry.

The applications have been developed for quality control, automation and process control. The solutions are based on image processing in 2D and industrially proven 3D technology.

Our customers, who are already highly automated, must continually make their operations more efficient and reduce costs in increasingly tougher international competition. MBV Systems’ machine vision systems constitute a decisive factor for higher productivity, improved efficiency and for complete quality control.


Our business concept entails customer-tailored systems with stringent demands on operational reliability. Only fully developed and proven components from international active partners are used. Development is conducted jointly with our customers and in a network with other experts in machine vision and  in process control.


MBV Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Optimation AB.

Optimation AB, with offices in Uppsala, Sundsvall, Piteå and Luleå, develops and supplies advanced products and services for simulation and optimization of the systems that control and streamline industrial production facilities. The focus is on the pulp and paper industry, energy systems and the mining and steel industries.

Lars Lindqvist
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