3DPM stands for 3-Dimensional Particle Measurement and is a measurement system consisting of high-performance hardware for 3-D scanning of particles and state of the art software for analysis of the size and distribution of particles on a conveyor belt.

Your knowledge of particle size distribution can be of high value in for instance crusher/mill control, increased blast furnace effectiveness, process optimization, or simply to increase process knowledge.

Our 3DPM system offers your company online measurement of particle size distribution. Backed with years of research, in collaboration with Luleå University and Innovative Machine Vision, 3DPM offers advanced algorithms. Some examples of advanced features are high quality fines detection and the detection of partially overlapped particles.

Successfully installed measuring a large variety of materials such as coke, limestone, metal ore and agglomerated materials, there is confidence that 3DPM will produce high quality results in your installation.

The hardware is designed for rough environments with IP65 classification and requires very low maintanance even when running 24/7.

Each system is optimized regarding hardware and software to best fit each individual installation site and customer preference. A few examples include OPC communication, heating option to allow functionality in freezing environments, and bulk volume calculation.

The system is complient with CE according to directive 2006/42/EG, Annex 2B.

For additional information about 3DPM please read our Brochure